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Accounting Software Tutorial Free Download

Accounting Software Tutorial Free Download

accounting software tutorial free download


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Accounting Software Tutorial Free Download



his net worth.) There is another account type L for Liability that we will use later when we look at budgeting. He selects INC - Income as the other account and puts a tick in the check box next to On Statement. John now wishes to reconcile his cashbook with his bank statement. However because what is a liability for the bank is actually an asset for the account holder when John enters the bank statement into his own accounting system he must reverse the position of the entries. The confusion occurs because in popular usage the terms debit and credit are most commonly used from the bank's perspective. John then goes to the Entries screen by clicking on Entries in the dark blue navigation area on the left.


The income statement shows the balances of John's income and expense accounts and provides him with a picture of his financial performance. This process of identifying and estimating future income and expenses is known as budgeting and the list used to describe this information is referred to as a budget. If John looks at his balance sheet he can see that his total assets are 30.74 and his total equity is 30.74. Before he can create a cashbook and a chart of accounts for his personal finances John must first delete the cashbook, taxes and chart of accounts that are created automatically when LedgerLite is first run. In this case the opening balance is a debit (overdraft) of 50.61. He enters the Date as 26/09/2005, the Description as Food and the Amount as 45.34.


Notice that these accounts have different types A for Asset, P for Equity, I for Income and E for Expense respectively. Next John goes to the Cashbooks screen by clicking on Cashbooks in the dark blue navigation area on the left. You can think of P for property which means basically the same thing as equity and represents what the company or in our case John Smith owns ie. He selects EXP - Expenses as the other account and puts a tick in the check box next to On Statement. .. If you would like to know how to better manage your personal finances our aim here is to provide you with an easy example of a bank statement reconciliation and a budget and at the same time illustrate some of the basic principles of double-entry bookkeeping using our LedgerLite program. We respect your privacy and do not collect or share your personal information. To do this he goes to the Maintain menu, selects Cashbooks and deletes the default cashbook by holding down the key and pressing the key. Click here to read the legal agreement. The ability to understand financial reports such as a balance sheet or an income statement is useful when making an investment decision and what better way to become familiar with them than by using them on your own personal finances.


If all his expenses were payable fortnightly it would be easy to determine how much he should set aside each time he receives his pay. To create a new cashbook John goes to the Maintain menu and selects Cashbooks. The balance sheet shows the balances of John's asset and equity accounts and provides him with a statement of his current financial position. In order to check his true financial position John can look at his total equity in order to determine how much money he can spend without affecting his ability to cover his anticipated expenses. Reconciling the Bank Statement. John verifies that his pay was in fact added to the Income account by taking a look at the income statement. ProductsDesktop EditionCloud EditionServer EditionSupportGuidesForumMore …ReleasesRoadmap 2017 - Based in Sydney, Australia but providing goodness globally.


Entering Additional Transactions. The balance sheet now provides a more accurate picture of John's financial position because it anticipates his future expenses by treating them as a liability. It will take about 35 minutes to download using a 28.8 KBps modem. For a comprehensive introduction to double-entry booking we also recommend Dave Marshall's excellent free on-line tutorial So, you want to learn Bookkeeping! . .. He enters the Date as 26/09/2005, the Description as Pay and the Amount as 171.23. After downloading the file factsetup.exe, double click on it to install the software. John goes back to the Cashbooks screen and finishes entering the items from his bank statement.

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